Book Reviews and Notes

Allan Lichtman, Thirteen Cracks: Repairing American Democracy after Trump, Political Science Quarterly (Winter 2022).

Theorizing Without Theory: A Review of The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save It by Yascha Mounk, VoegelinView, June 21, 2020.

Men at War: What Fiction Tells Us about Conflict, from The Iliad to Catch-22 by Christopher Coker, Political Studies Review (Feb. 2016).

American Democracy: From Tocqueville to Town Halls to Twitter by Andrew J. Perrin, Political Studies Review (July 2015).

The Politics and Tragedy of Democratic Citizenship by Robert C. Pirro, Political Studies Review 10/3 (Sept. 2012).

A Wiser Politics by Jean Hardy, Political Studies Review 10/3 (Sept. 2012).

Open Government in a Theoretical and Practical Context by Richard E. Chapman and Michael Hunt, Political Studies Review (April 2007).

Confronting Globalization: Humanity, Justice, and the Renewal of Politics, edited by Patrick Hayden and Chamsy el-Ojeili, Political Studies Review (April 2006).

What’s Wrong With Democracy: From Athenian Practice to America Worship by Loren J. Samons, Political Studies Review (Nov. 2005).

Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Approaches, edited by David Coates, Political Studies Review (Oct. 2005).

Challenging Diversity: Rethinking Equality and the Value of Difference by Davina Cooper, Political Studies Review (Sept. 2005).

Democracy and Its Friendly Critics: Tocqueville and Political Life Today, edited by Peter Augustine Lawler, Perspectives on Political Science 34/2 (Spring 2005).

Decline of the Public: The Hollowing-out of Citizenship by David Marquand, Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory (Dec. 2004).

Nietzsche’s Machiavellian Politics by Don Dombowsky, Political Studies Review (Nov. 2004).

Tocqueville, Democracy and Social Reform by Michael Drolet, Political Studies Review (Oct. 2004).

The Paradox of Philosophical Education: Nietzsche’s New Nobility and the Eternal Recurrence in Beyond Good and Evil by J. Harvey Lomax, Political Studies Review (Sept. 2004).

The Shortest Shadow: Nietzsche’s Philosophy of the Two by Alenka Zupančič, Essays in Philosophy: A Biannual Journal 5/2 (June 2004); also published in Bollettino telematico di filosofia politica (Jan. 2004) and as “Nietzsche, Interrupted” in The Symptom (Winter 2004).