Just desserts

As down-ticket Republicans and conservative pundits distance themselves from Mitt Romney and his horrendous campaign, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the GOP will right its ship sooner than later.

The greatest obstacle, however, is not the Tea Party; it’s Obama and how Democrats have so completely occupied the center of American politics.

Whether it’s national security, tax cuts, health care, the environment, energy, immigration, or what have you, there’s little room for the Republicans to retake these positions and still run distinctive campaigns.

It could also be that campaigns in the future could be more about experience and character and policy subtleties, which would be a great boon for the country and for democracy.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it’s almost possible to feel sorry for Romney. He has done everything his party has asked him to do, including taking contradictory positions on immigration, advocating a purposefully vague budget, and moving away from his record on health care reform. And now his party is abandoning him.

But now everyone will get what they deserve. Obama will get another opportunity to see the fruit of his labors, the Republicans will get another opportunity to work with him, and Mitt Romney will go down in history as a ridiculous plutocrat.